Why Revolution Law Group?

Revolution Mill


About this time last year, just as the pandemic was hitting the world in full force, my partner Karen and I decided to launch Revolution Law Group.  Up until that time, we had been known as Connors Morgan PLLC.  However, the founders of the firm, Bruce Connors and John Morgan, had retired from the practice of law, and it seemed like a good time to rebrand the firm.

But why the name Revolution Law Group?  The name fits for several reasons.  It is our location, our heritage, and our vision.

The first and most obvious reason is our location – the Revolution Mill in Greensboro.  We love our location here at the Mill.  If you have not been by for a visit, we encourage you to come.  The long hallways, hardwood floors, exposed brick, and heart-of-pine columns are features that you will not find in modern buildings.  In addition to the offices, businesses, and apartments located here, you will find historical displays of the kinds of mill machinery that was in use here at the Mill during its heyday as a textile mill.  There is an interesting museum in the building detailing the life of mill workers who lived nearby. There are two fantastic restaurants (Cugino Forno and Kau), and a casual café for a quick snack or cup of coffee.  It is truly a unique location.

In addition to being a great place to work now, the Mill has stood the test of time and made changes necessary over the years to remain relevant.  The Mill is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  The Statement of Significance in the application describes the Mill as follows:

Built in 1899-1900 in Greensboro as a joint venture of the prominent Cone and Sternberger families, the Revolution Cotton Mills is an example of the diversification which took place in the Southern textile industry during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Revolution Mills’ particular significance lies in the fact that it was reputed to be the first flannel mill in the South, at a time when flannel was an increasingly popular fabric.  By the 1930s, Revolution Cotton Mills had become the largest exclusive flannel producer in the world.

The owners of the Mill chose the name “Revolution” because “the production of canton flannel in the South was to be a distinct departure from the old lines and would revolutionize the trade.”  The Mill did indeed revolutionize the trade and enjoyed decades of success in its original purpose.  You can read more about the origins of the mill here.

From its start as a mill destined to revolutionize the trade, to its current iteration as mixed-use real estate and class-A office space, Revolution Mill has been an important location in the history of Greensboro.

Finally, the word “revolution” itself demonstrates our vision for the firm and our promise to our clients.  Revolution connotes fundamental change, change to the way of working, change to the way of thinking, change to the way we approach problems and visualize solutions.  Revolution Law Group provides superior client service.  We deliver excellence through professionalism, accuracy, attention to detail, and legal expertise.  We are attentive to our clients’ needs and devoted to our clients’ goals.

At Revolution Law Group, we draw inspiration from our namesake, and we strive to provide revolutionary client service.  If you need legal services, please contact us today.

Revolution Law Group is located in Greensboro, NC serving individuals and small businesses throughout the Triad and surrounding areas. To contact us please visit www.revolution.law or call 336-333-7907.

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