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The construction industry is a challenge to navigate, necessitating the assistance of legal counsel. Revolution Law Group represents construction industry clients in all aspects of the construction business, from employment matters, to contract negotiations, to litigation and dispute resolution.
If you are involved or soon to be involved in the construction industry in any capacity and need experienced legal counsel, contact the attorneys of Revolution Law Group. We stand ready to help you.

Contract Drafting and Contract Negotiations

The construction industry relies heavily on contracts at every level, and every party, whether contractor, property manager or supplier should have its interests fully and fairly protected. Comprehensive contracts that control risk for our clients are our top focus. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ interests are protected.

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Construction-Related Legal Claims

Legal harm (monetary, physical, and otherwise) usually occurs when corporations or individuals are negligent in performing their work. Because there are so many levels of liability in the construction industry, a litigant is wise to seek the assistance of experienced legal counsel. The following are some of the types of construction-related claims handled by the attorneys at Revolution Law Group:

  • Property damage and/or personal injury arising from construction projects
  • Builder’s risk and/or general liability claims
  • Claims against design professionals, such as architects and/or engineers
  • Claims for nonpayment of labor and materials
  • Breach of contract and contract default claims
  • Construction defect claims

Construction Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes frequently happen in the construction industry. Whether industrial, commercial, or residential, these disputes often happen regarding payment, quality of work, time, or performance. Having an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in the many facets of construction law is always advisable.

In addition to disputes between contractor, subcontractors, property owners, and other parties commonly involved in the construction process, the attorneys at Revolution Law Group also represents contractors who wish to challenge the outcome or solicitation of public project bids.

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Construction Legal Consultation

There are myriad ways that a construction project can encounter problems, so engaging experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel at the very beginning of a project is the best way to avoid or mitigation any encountered problems. The experienced attorneys at Revolution Law Group can assist construction industry clients avoid or mitigate problems through consulting services for best practice during each phase of a project.

Construction Mediation and Arbitration

Both mediation and arbitration play important roles in construction dispute settlement. In certain cases, parties are contractually obligated to pursue solution through mediation before arbitration or litigation processes can begin.

Mediation relies on a neutral third party to hear both sides of the dispute and attempt to arrive at a fair settlement that can be agreed upon by all parties; however, a mediator’s recommendation is not legally binding and is not always followed. Arbitration is a more formal process wherein both sides present evidence to an arbitrator who then analyses the evidence and renders a decision regarding the dispute. Once the arbitrator has reached a decision, this proceeding is binding and enforceable by law. The attorneys at Revolution Law Group represent construction industry clients in both of these forms of proceedings.

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