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Dental Practice Services

Dentistry is a unique piece of the healthcare industry with its own distinct rules, regulations, and issues. The attorneys at Revolution Law Group are well-versed in the challenges faced in the professional life of all dentists, whether they practice general dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, or any other dental specialty. Our experienced attorneys specialize in representing dentists in the areas of employment contracts, formation of dental corporations and PLLCs, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, associate buy-ins, practice buy-sells, employee relations, and dental board defense.

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Dental Employment Contracts

For any dentist, it is important to have an attorney guide you in the process of reviewing and negotiating your employment contract. Revolution Law Group attorneys are here to assist you in this process while keeping your best interest as their uppermost goal.

Dentistry PLLC

Our firm has many years of experience representing dentists in their entity formation, whether that be a professional corporation or a professional limited liability company, ensuring compliance with all statutes and regulations governing the initial formation as well as for the life of the entity.

In addition to the formation of your professional dental corporation or PLLC, our expert attorneys can provide guidance with the unique challenges of an associate buy-in, a shareholder agreement, a partnership agreement, and any other business-related need that may arise.

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Dental Practice Sale or Purchase

The purchase or sale of a dental practice can be a very stressful experience. Our attorneys are here to assist you with every aspect of a practice purchase or sale. Vast experience in buy/sells for every size practice makes Revolution Law Group attorneys the best choice for your buy/sell needs with their ability to advise you in all steps from a letter of intent or purchase agreement to conducting the closing, while assisting you with any possible issues that may arise along the way.

Dental HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a concern for every dental practice. Revolution Law Group attorneys are experts in every phase of security and privacy, assessing your practice’s unique needs, drafting policies for those needs, and/or representing you in the event of any issue that might arise.

If you are being investigated by the Dental Board, the attorneys at Revolution Law Group have invaluable experience in handling the issues that may arise in the initial investigation, in negotiations with Board investigators, and in the event that charges are brought against you.

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Dental Practice Transitions

Revolution Law Group has experience in dental practice mergers and acquisitions that few law firms can match. We have closed a vast amount of sales, acquisitions, mergers, and other transactions for all types of dental practices. Our attorneys work closely with dental clients to resolve issues and keep deals on track.

Because of our extensive work with dental clients, we are positioned to assist our clients as together we identify critical issues during the due diligence phase of a transaction and to help our dental clients evaluate risk and implement common sense solutions when problems arise.

Discover How Revolution Law Can Help Your Dental Practice

Our attorneys in Greensboro can discuss our services available to your dental practice. Contact our law firm to make an appointment. Call (336) 333-7907 or send us an email.