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Health Care Practices & Business

Revolution Law works with health care providers throughout the Piedmont Triad and North Carolina who are seeking effective and efficient legal assistance.

Professional Corporations/Professional Liability Companies

Professional Employment Contracts

Professional Management and Services Agreements

Medicare and Medicaid Compliance

Health Care Litigation

HIPAA Compliance

Combining Law and Health Care

Our attorneys will work with you directly. They will get to know you and your legal issues to craft legal solutions tailored to health law, including:

  • Practice compliance and regulations
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Professional management and services
  • Professional corporations and professional liability corporations
  • Practice acquisitions and mergers
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health care and dental lawyers in greensboro nc

To best help you and your organization, we combine our knowledge of the law with knowledge of health care as a profession and as a business. As part of that combination, we provide you with the benefit of an experienced attorney who is also a former registered nurse and understands how the health care industry works.

When we advise you with respect to matters such as HIPAA, you can also count on us to incorporate the insights we have gained through our practice of the law. We provide you with legal guidance designed to proactively position your organization for success if a dispute does arise.


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