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At Revolution Law, we have the knowledge and experience to efficiently handle all manner of business and commercial disputes, from smaller matters between shareholders to larger corporate disputes. We pride ourselves on being able to combine the sophistication and expertise typically associated with larger law firms with the personalized approach expected of a small firm. We provide clients throughout Greensboro, the Piedmont Triad, and North Carolina with efficient solutions across all types of dispute resolution options.

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Finding the Solution That Is Right for Your Business

Not every dispute is resolved best through litigation. You can entrust your business’s disputes and debt collection matters to our care, knowing that we will advise you as to which option best fits your circumstances and goals.

We will work with you directly to identify and implement your best option. Our office makes a point of getting to know you and your business so we can tailor our guidance to your particular needs. Those options may include:


    Mediation is an opportunity for parties involved in a dispute to meet with a neutral third party to explore options to resolve the dispute. Mediation may be required by a court as an attempt to resolve the matter without a trial, or the parties may enter into private agreement to pursue mediation. Parties to mediation will typically jointly agree on an unrelated third party to serve as the mediator, often an attorney or retired judge. The mediator does not make a decision or ruling in the dispute, but instead serves as a facilitator of discussions about settlement options. With a successful mediation, the parties can avoid the time and uncertainty of pursuing or defending a lawsuit.


    Arbitration can be required by contract or agreed upon voluntarily. Many contracts contain clauses requiring arbitration before or instead of litigation as a predispute attempt to avoid the expense of a full trial. Arbitration is designed to be faster, cheaper and easier than litigation, but in practice, that may or may not be true. An arbitrator’s decision is, in most cases, binding and afforded the same weight as a judge’s decision. We can represent you in front of an arbitrator and give you advice as to whether to invoke the arbitration clause in your contract.



      For some disputes, litigation is the best or only option. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in North Carolina and Virginia, and we can represent you or your business in state or federal courts depending on the matter. Regardless of the size or complexity of your case, we will work with you to achieve the most efficient and best outcome for your unique situation.

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      You can discuss your business litigation needs with a lawyer by calling our office at (336) 333-7907. Appointments are also available by contacting us online.