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As the medical spa (med spa) industry continues to grow, so do the number of investigations by state and federal regulatory authorities regarding the unauthorized practice of medicine by aestheticians and/or cosmetologists, as well as investigations into the possibility of licensed providers violating state scope of practice laws. It is also common for the federal government to investigate certain financial arrangements, such as improperly structured space rental, consulting work, referral inducements, and/or medical director agreements.
While the med spa industry can be lucrative and exciting, owners should be cautious that services offered by the med spa are considered the “practice of medicine” and, as such, are highly regulated. Because of vast experience in the field of health law, the attorney team at Revolution Law Group is in a unique position to guide med spa clients through the process of corporate structure and ongoing compliance with complicated requirements and regulations.

Medical Spa Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Transactions

The Revolution Law Group team can advise med spa clients regarding the preparation of corporate documentation, the sale or purchase of a med spa or cosmetic medical practice, and the preparation of other legal documents required to conduct business, such as employment agreements, medical director agreements, or management services agreements.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the area of restrictions to the scope of practice for physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and aestheticians, as well as the types of med spa services that may be provided by physicians, non-physician providers, or non- licensed providers (i.e., providers who MAY NOT provide BOTOX, dermal fillers, laser, or hair removal treatments according to North Carolina regulations).

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Medical Spa and Cosmetic Legal Services

Revolution Law Group’s experienced team offers legal representation for the unique legal issues that face today’s med spa. Some, but not all, of those issues are:

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  • Issues involving state regulations and scope of practice laws
  • State supervision and delegation laws for medical providers
  • North Carolina laser and other photogenic rejuvenation or skin resurfacing laws and regulations
  • Regulations regarding medical pedicures for conditions such as athlete’s foot, corns, etc.
  • State laws and regulations regarding injectables (BOTOX, dermal fillers, etc.)
  • Laser hair removal and permanent makeup application laws and regulations
  • Purchase and/or Sale of a medical spa or cosmetic medical practice
  • Medical spa corporate document preparation
  • Medical director agreements
  • Obtaining informed consent, making disclosures, and maintaining proper documentation
  • Anti-kickback laws
  • HIPAA compliance for med spas
  • Unlicensed practice of medicine by aestheticians and/or cosmetologists

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