starting an NC business

Successfully starting a business entity in North Carolina entails various legal considerations.

First, choose the business structure that best fits your business’s preferences and needs. This structure will ultimately determine factors ranging from management organization to applicable tax codes.

Second, select your entity’s name. The North Carolina Secretary of State’s website provides requirements to keep in mind when making this selection. For example, you must select a name distinguishable from that of another entity on the Secretary of State’s business registry. Additionally, statutory and administrative code may prohibit the inclusion of certain words in your company’s name.

Once selected, register your business entity’s name with either the Secretary of State’s office or the Register of Deeds, depending on your entity’s business structure, by filing the appropriate formation documents.

Finally, obtain a federal and state tax identification number, and fulfill any additional licensing or registration requirements specific to your particular business entity (i.e., registration for securities offerings, trademarks, etc.).