Reviewing possible defenses for a breach of contract claim

business owners discussing breach of contract

Business owners encounter many hardships, from seasonal challenges to various issues involving staff members. However, business disputes and lawsuits can be particularly complicated, and many business owners encounter problems when a breach of contract claim surfaces. In this post, we will examine some possible defenses to such a claim, and it is imperative for North Carolina business owners in this position to know which strategy will work best given their unique situation.

There are multiple factors to keep in mind when these allegations surface. First, business owners should raise as many viable defenses as possible from the start, since these defenses may be more difficult to bring up later on. If a contract was indefinite, meaning that key terms were never agreed upon, this may be a successful defense. Moreover, if the contract was not in writing or both parties made a mistake regarding a critical aspect of the contract this defense may work out well.

If a contract was induced while a business owner was under duress or while they lacked the capacity to enter into the agreement, the contract may be deemed void. Sometimes, contracts involve unlawful elements, such as tax violations, or they are unconscionable, in which case the contract may be rendered unenforceable.

These are some of the ways in which business owners can successfully defend themselves against breach of contract allegations. However, it is paramount to remember that every case is different. What works for one business may not be an ideal strategy for another, so business owners should approach a breach of contract claim from an individualized viewpoint.