Remote Office Protocol

Work from home

My employees are working from home. What can we do to protect ourselves from data breaches?

There are some ways employers can make sure to limit their liability with employees working from home.

First is to make sure laptops are provided, whether they be business or professional grade. This can be done by purchasing from a manufacturer rather than a retailer. Make sure they have Windows 10 Pro and are 64-bit. It may be that you need to purchase an on-site warranty for the first two to three years. That way, if there are problems someone will come to you instead of you trying to ship equipment to the company.

If you want your employees to access their work computers, this must be done by a virtual private network or Remote Desktop Protocol. If you want to access files, SharePoint can be used or Google OneDrive. If phone calls are needed, Google Voice can be used to forward to personal phones so that a person can make and receive calls on his/her computer or with a headset.

These are just a few suggestions to get your office up and running at home.