Pitfalls of Cybersecurity and Its Importance To Business

Cyber Security


Managing Partner, Karen McKeithen Schaede, recently participated as a panelist for the 4th Annual Cybersecurity Panel Discussion hosted by Total Computer Solutions. As in years past, Karen contributed from the perspective of her legal knowledge in the field. Discussion included the importance of cybersecurity, areas of concern for small business owners in cybersecurity, how to handle an incident and the proper incident response planning, and how to structure a proactive cybersecurity program to protect small business clients and data. Karen participates in panels to help bring awareness to small business owners about the potential pitfalls of cybersecurity and its importance to businesses of all sizes. She has worked with numerous businesses to ensure compliance with state or federal laws in the area of cybersecurity.

You can access the 4th Annual Cybersecurity Panel Discussion via YouTube below.

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