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Ensure That Your Business Complies With HIPAA

Ensuring that your business entity complies with the many complex regulations of HIPAA can seem daunting. An infraction, no matter how small, can result in civil or criminal penalties that can derail an entire company. It is in your best interest to work with attorneys who know the ins and outs of health care law, including HIPAA regulations.

At Revolution Law, our health care lawyers can help prevent and mitigate HIPAA violations. We can provide detailed knowledge of HIPAA laws as they apply to your business, and clarify any misconceptions. Additionally, we can assist health care providers in developing policies and procedures to comply with the law.

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Violating HIPAA Comes with Major Consequences

Even if a HIPAA violation was inadvertent, the penalties can be severe. First, there are civil penalties such as fines. Then, the state of North Carolina may choose to pursue criminal charges, depending on the infraction. While civil and criminal consequences are finite, there are other de facto consequences that can last forever — for example, losing one’s personal and professional reputation. It is therefore crucial to have a lawyer who can help you avoid these frightening consequences.

We Will Mind Your Bottom Line

We understand that running a business in the health care industry is expensive enough without retaining legal representation. That is why we take care to provide affordable services. Retaining our health care team generally involves a flat fee that is well worth the peace of mind knowing that your company is in compliance with HIPAA.

Talk to Us about How HIPAA Affects Your Business

Our team is available to discuss HIPAA compliance with you. Contact us by calling our Greensboro office location at (336) 333-7907 or sending us an email.