Avoiding intellectual property problems on social media

Social media can be a very useful tool for small businesses. It can help owners with getting the word out about their company and connecting with customers.

However, as with any tool, it is important for small business owners to use social media properly and be aware of the problems missteps could cause.

Now, among the things mistakes on social media could expose a company to is legal trouble related to intellectual property. Today, we’ll go a couple of the things it is important for small business owners to be mindful of when it comes to intellectual property when working on their company’s social media presence.

Be careful about logos

Among the branding tactics entrepreneurs may use on social media is putting up logos on their company’s pages.

It is important for small business owners to make sure the logos they use are unique. A business can face serious legal troubles related to trademark infringement if is it accused of copying another company’s logo or having a logo too similar to that of another company on its social media sites.

Be careful about photos

Using photos is a common way for companies to try to make their social media presence more engaging. However, it is very important for businesses to be careful about what photos they put up on their social media pages.

This is particularly the case when a company would like to put up a photo owned by someone else. Using such photos without permission violates copyright law. Thus, it could get a company into serious legal hot water.

So, when planning to use a photo on social media, it is crucial for business owners to first ask for permission from the photo’s owner.

When disputes arise in relation to social media

When a company is accused of taking actions on their social media pages that infringe on the intellectual property of others, how it responds can be critical. Being accused of such conduct could expose a company to major potential consequences. Skilled business lawyers can help small business owners navigate intellectual property disputes.