As an Employer, What Do I Need to Know About Sexual Discrimination Policies?

LGBTQ flag

On June 15, 2020, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in Bostock v. Clayton County and held that gender identity and sexual orientation status is protected under the umbrella of Title VII’s protections against sex discrimination.

If you are an employer with 15 employees or more, Title VII applies to you. There are policies that should be in place to protect against unlawful sex discrimination. Make sure your equal opportunity and anti-discrimination policy is up to date.

  • Policies should be gender-neutral in order not to disparately impact an individual or particular sex.
  • An employer should create an environment that allows for the free and unpressured reporting of sex discrimination.
  • There should be training for all managers on sensitivity and anti-discrimination of all types.
  • If you have a sexual harassment complaint, be responsive. It should be investigated and addressed immediately.
  • Employers who are proactive can make sure they stop problems before they happen.

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