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Collections and Creditors’ Rights

Collections and Creditors’ Rights refers to the area of law providing mechanisms and remedies for individuals and companies who are owed money. Whether you need assistance collecting on a simple past-due invoice, help interpreting and applying more complex contractual terms against a breaching party, or guidance through the bankruptcy of a party that owes you money, Revolution Law is here to help.

Contracting and Billing: The ability to efficiently and effectively collect what is owed to you often depends on what happened at the beginning of the relationship. Strong and properly drafted contracts, invoices, and related documents will help ensure that your collection rights are protected.


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Liens and Security Interests: If you sell equipment or materials on terms, or if you provide financing to your customers, you may have the ability to secure payments by filing and perfecting a security interest in the equipment or materials. Similarly, if you are a contractor or subcontractor on a construction project, the law allows you under certain circumstances to claim an interest in payments from the project owner and/or to place a lien on the real property where the project is located. Liens and security interests are created by statute, and there are strict deadlines and notice requirements that must be followed to protect your interest. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of this statutory process.

Litigation: When other methods fail, litigation may be your best option. The attorneys at Revolution Law can efficiently represent you in court.

Bankruptcy Representation: Sometimes, the party that owes you money files for bankruptcy protection. In bankruptcy, special rules apply concerning what you can do to protect your interests and the order in which creditors are paid. We can help you identify bankruptcy issues and represent you in the bankruptcy proceeding to maximize your recovery.

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