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Commercial Loans

Getting a Loan

At some point in the life of your business, you may need a commercial loan to finance a startup, to expand your business or to restructure existing debt. Banks will often generate lots of documents with fine print, much of which seems inexplicable, but we can help. We can not only explain the documentation to you, but we also might be able to help you negotiate alternative terms that are better suited to the way you do business.

When you are ready to approach a bank for a loan, you would be well-advised to call an attorney at the same time or closely thereafter. We can help you meet the requirements to close on your loan in an efficient and timely matter.

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When You Are Behind in Your Loan Payments or About to Be …

If you believe that you are going to default on your loans, there may be ways to negotiate with the bank so that you do not default. Even if you are in default, we might be able to help. We may be able to draft a forbearance agreement or work out other financing to get you above water. We will help you review your loan documents and open a conversation with your lender.

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