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Professional Management and Services Agreements

Health care is changing and with it are many regulatory changes related to how medical and dental businesses are done. Professional management and services agreements must now fall under both state and federal laws. Practitioners and businesses must adhere to the requirements of complex laws related to corporate practice of medicine as well as regulatory board requirements. A law firm that understands these many issues is needed. Revolution Law, can provide a comprehensive analysis of a health care provider’s operation and identify these complex potential issues. We then work efficiently to resolve any legal matters and protect our clients from future legal issues.

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We understand the different aspects of a health care environment and the challenges health care providers face with their workforce. It is important to have an employee handbook that is well-written and sets out expectations for employees and what can be expected of providers. The handbook is an essential communication tool and will outline legal obligations of the business. Our attorneys can provide this in a simple, affordable format and assist in adapting policies that work for your business.

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