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Helping Professionals Comply With Medicare And Medicaid

Medical professionals have very difficult jobs. In addition to their many other responsibilities, medical professionals must remain in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid regulations. This is not always easy, as these laws are incredibly complex and frequently change.

The attorneys at Revolution Law can help medical professionals comply with Medicare and Medicaid regulations. We have a range of experience representing many individual providers as well as clinics and other health care companies in North Carolina. Allow us to shoulder the burden of complying with these regulations so that you can focus on the day-to-day aspects of your career.

Know the Five Main Federal Fraud and Abuse Laws

There are five major fraud and abuse laws at the federal level. They include:

  1. The False Claims Act
  2. The Anti-Kickback Statute
  3. The Stark Law
  4. The Exclusion Statute
  5. The Civil Monetary Penalties Law

Our attorneys know the details of these regulations and can help you understand how they apply to your practice or business.

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Protect Your Career. Protect Your Reputation.

If the state or another party accuses you of violating a Medicare or Medicaid regulation, your career and professional reputation could be in jeopardy. If convicted of such a violation, you may receive fines, lose your licensing or even spend time in jail. Even if the matter does not proceed to court, the mere accusation can permanently damage the career that you have worked so hard to build. Our attorneys will not only defend you against accusations of noncompliance, but also work to prevent other allegations from arising in the future.


Learn How a Lawyer Can Help You

Our attorneys in Greensboro can discuss the steps you should take to remain in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid. Contact our law firm to make an appointment. Call (336) 333-7907 or send us an email.